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CEMENT ADDITIVES. The most important function of oil and gas well primary cementing is to isolate the various zones whitin the wellbore. In others words, the cement must prevent fluids of gases in one particular zone from mingling with those of another. A properly designed and placed cement slurry accomplishes this by creating the necessary seal between the casing and the formation.

DRILLING, WORKOVER AND COMPLETION FLUIDS. The drilling mud system performs several important functions to oil and gas well drilling. These include the removal of drill cuttings, the prevention, the entry and migration of formation fluids by maintaining proper hydrostatic pressures, as well as wellbore and tool lubricity.

STIMULATION AND PRODUCTION CHEMICALS. Stimulation treatments consist of a variety of possible fluid systems designed to treat oil or gas wells by means of either acidizing or fracturing in order to maximize production and return on investment. Production fluids are usually a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons, gas, and possibly water and other impurities.

REFINERY AND GAS PROCESS CHEMICALS. Refinery operations cover a wide array of applications. However, all relate to the processing of the produced hydrocarbon for the numerous possible applications and products. To accomplish this, either the fluid and/or the equipment at the facility may be chemically trated.


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